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Zelfbouwmarkt, building your own house. The chances are high that you’ve heard their commercial. The family company from Ninove is with 6000 m² a well established value. In 2018 they launched a web shop with decoration and all kinds of  building materials. With more than 20 000 items of Zelfbouwmarkt, they are the biggest webshop of Flanders.

The webdeveloper suggested the current hosting partner of Zelfbouwmarkt. After experiencing issues with stability, website speed, crashing of elastic search, they started looking for a new hosting partner. Since working with Hosted Power, they don’t have to restart the software anymore.

Step 1

At every moment in pole position

The frequent crashes of elastic search were the main reason to change to Hosted Power. We looked inwards and solved the problem at the base of origin. While making sure the website zelfbouwmarkt.be and elastic search kept working fast and trustworthy.
This resulted in a stable and performant environment with minimal loading time.

Step 2

Uptime guarantee for a peace of mind

Customers can always surf, search and shop smoothly thanks to our uptime guarantee. We ensure that the user-friendly webshop remains online at all times. Even at peak visitors, they can be sure that Elasticsearch will continue to do its job.

Step 3

Constant monitoring for unburdening

Complete unburdening is our middle name. We proactively monitor the web shop and ensure that everything runs smoothly. Before, zelfbouwmarkt had to contact their previous hosting partner a few times per week. Now, we barely hear from them. No news is good news! Truly the case here.

Since we’ve been working with Hosted Power, I am confident that our web shop is fast enough and won’t crash. Everything runs fast, both in back-end and front-end. We have confidence in the employees of Hosted Power and they keep an eye on everything. This allows us to focus on our core business: making customers happy by helping them to build their home.

Stijn Desmet - CEO Zelfbouwmarkt.

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