Hosting for platform builders

Hosted Power offers managed hosting solutions for platform builders. Because they need powerful, high-performance hosting Hosted Power is the right partner for them.

Platform builders often have exceptional requirements when it comes to hosting. Their platform or software must run smoothly, because they have users who in turn have certain expectations and requirements. We guarantee that they won't be disappointed either.

With our in-house developed software stack, TurboStack, we can design specific environments to mold to your platform and support it optimally. Think of it as a building box with building blocks in lots of different colors and shapes, allowing us to build the perfect solution for any customer, at any time.

Maximum uptime and scalability

By working with only the most powerful and high-performance solutions, we guarantee you the best possible hosting. With us, your platform runs on extremely powerful servers and we provide the most performant cloud hosting - for example at AWS for which we are certified. All these choices ensure not only minimal loading time but also the best possible uptime.

Moreover, our hosting solutions are extremely flexible. You can scale up your hosting capacity at any time, for example if the number of users of your platform increases sharply or because you want to roll out your application internationally.

The hosting partner for platform builders

Hosted Power's ambition is to be the perfect hosting partner for platform builders. This means that our expertise in hosting solutions can be an addition to the technical knowledge you already have as a platform builder. In this way, we can take rapid steps forward together.

By sharing our experience, knowledge and best practices with you, you as a platform builder can save time and money. You don't have to look for answers to questions that we, based on our experience, may be able to solve for 90 percent. For the remaining 10 percent we will then look for the most suitable solution together.

Continuous monitoring and excellent support

Anyone who builds their own application or develops software should be able to count on the best possible hosting. While you keep your platform in optimal condition, you don't want to worry about its hosting.

And rightly so, in our opinion. At Hosted Power we leave nothing to chance. Our infrastructure is monitored 24/7 and our technical experts are ready to intervene if necessary.

You can also count on Hosted Power for fast and excellent technical support. Our support team is almost as fast as our hosting and is ready to help you whenever needed. With our fully managed hosting services we can take the hassle out of hosting. Finally, our solid and clear Service Level Agreement is the best guarantee of the top performance you rightly expect from Hosted Power.