Managed e-commerce hosting

When you have a webshop you want certainty. The certainty that your customers can access it whenever they want. The certainty that you can offer them the best possible customer experience. The certainty that they don't give up during their shopping because your webshop reacts too slowly, because they get stuck during the payment process, because images load slowly, etc.

In short, you want to be sure that your web shop brings them joy and does not frustrate them. Hosted Power can offer you that assurance. With lightning fast hosting and extremely reliable cloud solutions, we make sure our managed e-commerce hosting is the best in class.

A fast webshop, more sales

Even more than for your website or application, in e-commerce fast hosting can mean financial gain. At Hosted Power we know that speed has a big impact on visitor behavior. A customer who gets frustrated on a web shop, quits and hurries to the competition. The result? Loss of customers, loss of revenue and a rising bounce rate that results in a low ranking on Google. 

But when you offer your customer an optimal experience through the webshop, he stays and comes back. A fast, reliable webshop makes your business grow.

Guaranteed uptime, satisfied customers

A web shop is a full-fledged store and of course you want it to be available anytime, anywhere. That's why Hosted Power guarantees maximum uptime with its managed e-commerce hosting.

Our entire infrastructure is designed to offer you maximum uptime and a super fast web shop. To achieve this, we monitor our services continuously and our technical experts intervene when necessary or if possible even before something can go wrong.

Stable hosting, even at peak moments

The best possible customer experience also means that your webshop will always be equally fast and stable, even during peak moments. Think, for example, of a promotion for Black Friday. You don't want customers to drop out because your webshop slows down or crashes when they are shopping by the thousands, do you? 

Our managed e-commerce hosting is set up to handle such peak moments without any problems. We host webshops where many thousands of people shop at the same time at peak times, without them experiencing any inconvenience whatsoever as a result of the large amount of traffic on the shop. 

Peak moments without solid hosting do not result in extra sales, but rather in loss of turnover. You can avoid that by choosing Hosted Power's managed e-commerce hosting.  

E-commerce hosting without worries

Conclusion? At Hosted Power we offer the best managed hosting imaginable so you don't have to worry about your webshop. While you make sure the web shop looks its best and your customers find what they're looking for, we make sure that in the background everything runs perfectly as you rightly expect from us.

The best customer experience that you want to offer your customers on your webshop, we offer you with the very best solutions in the field of managed e-commerce hosting, perfectly attuned to the specific requirements of e-commerce. Your shop is always online and keeps running no matter what.