Managed Kubernetes

Kubernetes (K8S) is a platform that is widely used by IT organizations who work with containers. The effort and skills required to run the platform can be challenging to tackle on your own. Instead of struggling with cluster management overhead, you can see if our managed Kubernetes service can be an added value to your company.

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What is Kubernetes?

Kubernetes is an open source platform that runs and manages containers (e.g. Docker) across different nodes. A Kubernetes cluster contains the Kubernetes Master, which creates and deploys pods.

Pods run containers on a node and are the smallest unit running on a Kubernetes environment. Nodes on the other hand, are IT resources and they include the management, the deployment and operation of the Kubernetes clusters.

Managed Kubernetes by Hosted Power

Hosted Power has a managed Kubernetes service, which includes support and managed services. This contains automatic upgrades, configuration help and advice, as well as 24/7 proactive monitoring and support. We also offer to guarantee the fastest possible environment.

The Kubernetes environments integrate perfectly with our load balancer and cluster solutions.

Managed Kubernetes on AWS

Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Servives (EKS) is a cloud based service to set up, secure and maintain Kubernetes with AWS. EKS automatically manages and scales infrastructure clusters on AWS. Patching and provisioning are also automated.

Since it is an AWS service, EKS integrates seamlessly with Elastic load balancing and Identity and access management, CloudTrail and Amazon Virtual Private Cloud.
Hosted Power has the expertise in-house, to completely unburden you and your engineers. If you need help or advice with deployment, pipelines, your CI/CD story, Terraform or anything else, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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