Security and compliancy

  • Has your website been hacked before?
  • Do you have a new project where security plays a crucial role?
  • Or do you have no idea whether your current site or application is actually secure enough? 

Our society is becoming increasingly digital and takes place online. A lot of our social contacts, work, financial transactions, contact with government agencies... we do from behind our PC. This increased digital activity also means that a lot of data circulates via the Internet. And unfortunately many cybercriminals see this as a potential goldmine.

Cybercrime is increasing, so it is logical that we defend ourselves as best we can against it. Cybersecurity and data security are becoming more important every day if we want to prevent criminals from hacking into our website, stealing crucial data, committing identity fraud, emptying our bank account, attacking our ICT infrastructure or bringing it to a standstill.

The perfect protection against attacks

Many websites are still hacked even though they have a decent firewall. This is because a traditional firewall offers no protection against SQL injection or a database DDoS attack. This is because both methods use ports between the various infrastructure components. And these have to be open, otherwise your website simply wouldn't be able to function.

Even more often, hackers try to gain control of web servers in order to then control them and spread malware. The result is that your servers are blacklisted, your website may go down, and perhaps worst of all, your company's reputation suffers.

With Hosted Power you're safe

To avoid that, Hosted Power adequately secures your website, your applications, servers, infrastructure and data against hackers, cybercriminals, identity thieves etc. We are specialized in setting up and configuring firewalls and web application firewalls (WAF), among other things, and we work with the most advanced technologies like:

  • Fortinet
  • pfSense
  • Qualys
  • Sectigo (Comodo)
  • ConfigServer csf
  • Sucuri
  • ...

Because we like to offer you absolute security - not only in terms of hosting solutions, but also in terms of security - Hosted Power allows you to have your websites and infrastructure scanned regularly for vulnerabilities and malware. We work together with Qualys and independent security researchers & penetration testers to analyze the security of your site and take it to the next level.

GDPR and data security

Since GDPR came into being, we are all just a little bit more aware of how important data is and how carelessly we handled it in the past. Every company regardless of size or activity, since 2018, must take additional measures to map data flows and protect data effectively. The best protection for sensitive data still lies in adequately protecting your infrastructure. If you don't let criminals in, you don't have to worry about them making off with the contents. Hosted Power: your dream compliance partner The technology and expertise with which Hosted Power protects websites, servers, applications, infrastructure and data are the ideal answer for companies, government agencies or projects that, because of compliancy or sensitivity of information, need extreme security.

Organizations that have to meet high compliance requirements will find in Hosted Power a dream partner. When it's important that the security of your ICT infrastructure is externally audited, we can take care of that. We also offer the assurance that all actions are correctly logged and that your systems are regularly backed up.

We store all our backups in locations away from our data centers, so they are safe in the event of a technical failure or natural disaster at a data center. We work with ISO-certified partners and clouds that meet all possible compliance requirements such as AWS, Alibaba Cloud & Azure. And of course we regularly subject our own infrastructure to an external audit by an independent partner. As you can see Hosted Power is your safe bet, no matter how high your security demands.