Opportunities know no boundaries

IBN offers opportunities to people who cannot survive on the employment market without support. As a social employer, they invest in people. Through learning lines, they train employees to become skilled workers. During or after a learning period, the employee can then start work via a secondment or directly at an employer in the Netherlands. IBN also provides training and job opportunities for future IT profiles and web builders in the Netherlands.

Step 1

Permanently in pole position

At IBN, the focus is really on people, something Hosted Power is happy to contribute to. Our addition may be limited, but we ensure that all websites created by the IBN job seekers can also start from pole position. We take care of the hosting for all IBN projects from the IT subdivision and we provide the technical support so that their websites run on a professional level.

Step 2

Maximum uptime

The pride with which the employees set up various websites in WordPress and Laravel is also reflected in the maximum uptime of their work. This uptime emphasises the reliability of a development partner and that is no different at IBN

Step 3

Continuous monitoring

Since IBN realises a large range of projects, we are often confronted with very different requirements, something we always enjoy diving into. IBN appreciates our flexibility and therefore makes continuous use of our expertise and support.