From a stunning test case to committed hosting partner

As an online inspiration platform, Bloovi reaches ambitious entrepreneurs and decision-makers, It brings stories about ambition, vision and innovation. The interviews, opinions and articles reach about 125,000 readers every month.

Minimal loading times and an optimal user experience are important to Bloovi. Although Bloovi had been a customer for 20 years of a renowned hosting company, we were still asked to do a test case.

We took the change immediately and set up a test environment. Due a huge speed difference, it was easy for Bloovi to choose Hosted Power.

Step 1

Every article in pole position

The test results were absolutely decisive in choosing Hosted Power as a new partner. The loading times of the pages are now 10 to 15 times faster and the many photos also appear without problem. Readers can now scroll smoothly through the site and enjoy an optimal user experience.

Step 2

Bloovi always on speed

Brand new or slightly older article? All pages remain equally easily accessible. After all, it often happens that entrepreneurs and companies link to their own article. Via social media, website or newsletter, … all roads lead to Bloovi.

Step 3

24/7 service and reading pleasure

After one year of working together, we have more than proven the performance and service of Hosted Power. The test results convinced Bloovi, the lasting quality and continuous monitoring ensures that the news site can guarantee its readers an optimal experience time and time again.

Hosted Power has been a true game-changer in identifying and enhancing the areas of that weren’t performing as well as they could have.

Thomas Mostrey – Marketing Manager Bloovi

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