Yools (BE) struggled with unpredictable and long loading times

Yools builds affordable websites for small businesses who desire a professional online business presence. Their client base varies from bakers, food trucks and dentists to study centers and catering operators. The clients of this website builder were satisfied with the design and development, however were often not too pleased with very long loading times. Yools wanted to safeguard its own value proposition - competitive in price and professional - and went looking for a fast, reliable hosting partner. The extra security for all WordPress sites was also a priority on the to do list.

Step 1

Starting from pole position

Yools has a portfolio of more than 2,000 websites. The website builder uses the fast service of Hosted Power to a large extent. Today we already take care of the hosting needs of hundreds of their websites.

Yools uses WordPress packages and adds relevant functionality upon request of the end customer. After a few structural interventions in the server set-up, the general speed was considerably increased by Hosted Power. In this way we met the tough challenge of running up to 500 plus websites on one server.

Step 2

Maintaining speed

As a competitive player, we can keep the large number of Yools websites running efficiently. In addition, all their customers enjoy an outstanding service at a competitive price, which is exactly what they were seeking when approaching Yools.

A stronger security of the portfolio has also been at the top of the priority list for a long time, since Wordpress websites are a popular target for hackers. We set up a WAF system, which protects hundreds of websites from the most common attacks. The smart system also includes virtual patches, which can secure an unpatched leak, even before the disaster has occurred. Since the introduction of this system in autumn of 2016, not one website has been hacked up to this day!

Step 3

Continuous monitoring

Yools has the ambition to work on an even larger scale and consciously opts for the hosting solutions of a local expert, including technical support and rapid follow-up.

Moreover, permanent monitoring ensures that such a large number of websites remain online without any worries.

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