Many small things make a big difference for Vooruit

Recommended by development partner Code-on, the central IT department of Vooruit came to Hosted Power with a series of practical challenges. The political party was looking for a reliable hosting partner, whom both their development partner Code-on and the technical managers within the party could quickly turn to for solving their technical challenges.

Good service, accessibility and customer-friendliness in addition to security, efficiency and flexibility were the deciding factors.

Step 1

Permanently in pole position

When sp.a brought up some of their practical problems to Code-On and their current hosting provider was unable to present significant solutions, we asked them to put their cards on the table. While the performance of their websites did not in itself pose a problem, Vooruit struggled mainly with a range of technical challenges. We joined the discussion and took our advisory role to heart.

Step 2

Maximum uptime

In close consultation with Code-On we were able to quickly implement some optimisations with additional Redis caching and we immediately boosted the speed of the websites, but it was mainly the speed of our services and support that made the difference when it came to wider cooperation. The maximum uptime was also immediately appreciated by Vooruit. They no longer had to worry that their information would become untraceable due to excessive downtime.

Step 3

Continuous monitoring

We soon expanded our services for Vooruit and set up a fast modus operandi that satisfied the technical managers of Vooruit. From help with the SPF records for email traffic to the settings of the various domain names. For these smaller but essential obstacles, Vooruit can count on our direct support and helpdesk. 

This way we make the work of the technical managers at Vooruit a lot more pleasant every day and as a local player we can make a real difference. Finally after a while Vooruit decided to move all cloud related infrastructure to Hosted Power.

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