Vipmedia (Benelux) wanted to optimally serve and secure their online communities

Vipmedia publishes special interest magazines in Belgium and the Netherlands: i.a. Hart voor Dieren, Beet, Wetenschap in Beeld and Duiken. All their titles have their own website, online newsletter and social media platforms where a lot of interaction takes place. For example, attracts no less than 400,000 visitors a month and the Vipmedia sportfishing community generates 7,400,000 online contact instances a year.

By combining print and online channels creatively, Vipmedia reaches various niche target groups faster and more effectively than ever. Vipmedia wanted to ensure the uptime for these strong online communities and to secure their valuable data .

Step 1

For every niche in pole position

Vipmedia already contracted with Hosted Power for about 50% of their websites. After a takeover took place at their web builder, they decided to re-evaluate all ongoing collaborations with them.

After careful and extensive consideration, they decided to entrust their entire portfolio, including their main website, to Hosted Power, with a good relationship of trust and guaranteed speed being the decisive factor for their switch .

Step 2

Maintaining speed

If changes need to be implemented, Hosted Power proactively contact Vipmedia. For example, we recently worked on the necessary SSL certificates on all websites to set up a secure HTTPS connection and we also provided the necessary software version updates.

In addition, Hosted Power monitors the security of all online communities. Peace of mind guaranteed!

Stap 3

Continuous monitoring

Today, Hosted Power is taking care of the complete Vipmedia portfolio, including the main website.

While monitoring, a number of issues were noticed and improved, and in addition, the online journals are always online and quick to retrieve. Never change a winning team!

The foundation of Vipmedia success depends on quickly and effectively reaching our VIP communities. Our online channels are invaluable. That is why we want to consciously invest in our infrastructure and in the security of this valuable data against hackers. After evaluating our collaborations with Hosted Power, we decided to stop all further partnerships with one single hosting provider. We could not have made a better choice!

Ed Bruijns
Director - Vipmedia

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