Securitas wants to guarantee security and a fast loading times within their portal

Securitas is the global market leader in the field of security and, among other things, is responsible for innovative monitoring technologies. In this way they help governments and public organizations develop a high-performance and secure IT infrastructure and thus also protect their digital portal. Through the VITO framework contract, Securitas will provide hardware and software solutions and services for data centers over the next seven years for data centers that can be used by all Flemish government departments and entities, local and provincial administrations and local authorities.

On the portal they can choose from over 50.000 ICT products & accessories, at competitive deals. Finding a solution quickly and easily in this complex online catalogue is crucial for all parties.

Step 1

Starting from pole position

Typografics called upon on the expertise of their regular partner Hosted Power for the setup of this crucial project. Only the very best was good enough for this important client. The solution-oriented approach of Hosted Power also showed this with the implementation of the screened PaaS alternatives.

Hosted Power went deep into the website's set-up and built a powerful infrastructure that can support up to a million products. All servers were thoroughly optimized, and the setup was split up on three servers to guarantee maximum performance and web safety. The frontend security layer, equipped with a Web Applicatie Firewall, guarantees maximum protection, and additionally, an application server and tweaked database server was set up.

Step 2

Maintain speed

The set-up with the three servers proved its usefulness. The separate security layer ensures perfect performance and web protection. The crucial search functions of the online catalogue are always operational and deliver results quickly.

The setup adapts flexibly as the online catalogue expands or changes. Here Hosted Power always provides the necessary coordination, security and maintenance. The infrastructure is continuously maintained, including monitoring and updates of the security patches. Peace of mind guaranteed!

Step 3

Continuous monitoring

The internally developed comprehensive monitoring system keeps track of all functionalities of the hosting environment and web application at all times. If changes have to be made, Hosted Power will contact them adequately and proactively and provide a quick solution. Php, MySQL and other software are closely monitored so that the application remains securely online and safe!

Most interventions on the infrastructure are completely behind the scenes, which ensure ultimate peace of mind. We can also count on Hosted Power handling special requests correctly, swiftly and upon customized request. What more can we wish for?

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