How we make the difference behind the scenes offers DIYers every support to install windows and doors themselves. Visitors can calculate their quotation in the web shop, and their own employees also use the tool on a daily basis. However, both at the front-end and back-end, the calculation tool struggled with loading times of 5 to 6 seconds per step. Many visitors dropped out during the calculation process and the employees were not happy with the many and too long waiting times.

Step 1 in pole position

We were able to quickly convert the slow load times of the quotation calculation tool into an efficient and very fast loading application thanks to moving the website to our Extreme Servers.

Step 2

Maintain speed

Thanks to Hosted Power’s experience with RoR (Ruby on Rails), the open source framework on which runs, the speed of the site could be further optimized. A thorough investigation and refinement of the parameters used immediately yielded the desired performance. Finally, the Redis caching software on our servers provided additional optimization.

Step 3

Continuous monitoring

The internal satisfaction with the speed of the calculation tool and the continuous monitoring by Hosted Power of the website and calculation tool ensured that the investment in a new hosting partner was a hit for

Our employees are delighted because their work at the backend can now be done much more quickly. Before, it was relatively slow, which was very frustrating. The speed gained is a true pleasure for all concerned!

Serge Vanhaverbeke

The result

The load time of every step in the online quotation tool dropped from 6 seconds to les than 1 second.

load time

... and that had a clear impact on customers and employees.

raamwinkel positive impact

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