Smoothly more than 60,000 per hour

Mart Visser is a household name in the Netherlands. In 1993, he introduced his own couture label and since then he has continued be a fixture at the top of Dutch fashion. Web Company, the Dutch digital agency that manages, approached Hosted Power in 2017 with the specific demand to accommodate the large fluctuations in visitor peaks on the website.

Step 1

Permanently in pole position

The Mart Visser web shop is built in Magento. You can easily navigate through it, but extensive collections require an enormous amount of visual material. And a lot of content and visual material can quickly compromise the speed of your site. Thanks to our extensive analysis and the addition of, among other things, Varnish caching, every site visitor can immediately view the items of clothing they want. On an average day, the server has to deal with processing peaks of up to 14,000 pages and over 60,000 files per hour.

Step 2

Maximum uptime

In addition to optimum speed, the challenge with this web shop was primarily to accommodate extra visitor peaks. With the launch of a new collection or the start of the sale period, the visitor figures are always rising. Regardless of the time you visited the web shop, Web Company had to be able to guarantee every visitor the same smooth browsing experience through the collections.

We switched to our Extreme Servers and could easily handle the multitude of visitors while also decreasing the loading times significantly. During the previous Mid-Season Sales, the web shop easily maintained speed and performance at a peak of around 5.5 million hits.

Step 3

Continuous monitoring

Every time there a new peak period approaches, we make sure we coordinate with Web Company and Mart Visser. If they predict an abnormal level of traffic to the web shop, we will keep an eye on the real-time dashboards so that women's fashion in the Netherlands will continue to move smoothly over the web shop counter.

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