Helping to deliver on the agency's promise, the perfect ROI

DAS Media is a full-service online marketing agency that does more than just create beautiful websites. They ensure that online investments yield.

They ensure more visitors, more leads and more sales. Their customers can therefore expect maximum ROI, thanks to their years of expertise in digital marketing ... and their collaboration with Hosted Power of course!

Step 1

Everyone in pole position

For a large proportion of their clients, DAS Media programs Laravel and Craft CMS in the open source PHP framework. They consistently entrust Hosted Power with coordinating the servers for these customers. Together we dive into the technical requirements for each customer and we ensure that all actions and called tasks are processed as quickly as possible.

Thanks to these customized interventions, we achieve unrivaled speeds for sites such as TuutuutBloom and Power Oil.

Step 2

All up to speed

Tuutuut, Bloom and Power Oil are all online companies and must therefore be and remain permanently online. In addition to our technical expertise, our Uptime Guarantee was one of the main reasons why DAS Media initially came to Hosted Power.

Step 3

Continuous monitoring

In the meantime, mutual trust between Hosted Power and DAS Media has grown into a close cooperation and a well-oiled machine. We speak the same language and strive for an equally high technical quality in our services.

Thanks to that focus and specialization, we succeed together in achieving the promised maximum ROI. The continuous consultation ensures that we can adjust additional modules and details quickly and tweak them where necessary.

We speak the same language and complement each other perfectly.
This is a real collaboration.

Steven Beel, Analyse & Project Management
Business Manager - Dasmedia