From close collaboration to #1 recommendation

Code-on is a full-service development agency that focuses on custom web applications. They have been around for over ten years and now have ten employees. In Belgium, they are the market leader in Python Django development.

They have used this expertise in the development of the SaaS tool Husky Marketing Planner, an organisational tool that enables marketers to manage all strategic and operational marketing data in one digital platform.

Step 1

Permanently in pole position

That a project management tool such as Husky Marketing Planner has to be in pole position continuously is an obvious wish, if not an absolute must. And not only does the platform need to always run in real time, even the backups should never fail. That is why code-on approached Hosted Power as a trusted hosting partner. In close consultation, we set up the main infrastructure for this SaaS tool and brought Husky into absolute pole position.

Step 2

Maximum uptime

In addition to minimum loading times, at Hosted Power we also always focus on maximum uptime and that is of course no different for Husky Marketing Planner. The online platform also requires continuous uptime and may never go offline. Our Uptime Guarantee is therefore an additional asset in our mutual cooperation.

Step 3

Continuous monitoring

For customers such as Husky Marketing Planner and other more complex cases, Code-On invariably comes to us and they enjoy our flexibility in direct support. For some of their customers, they occasionally still set up the server structure themselves thanks to their extensive in-house technical expertise.

Mutual trust between Hosted Power and code-on has grown project by project in such a way that one of their customers (Travelbase) recently moved all their infrastructure to Hosted Power thanks to the Code-On recommendation.

Thanks to Code-on, who builds and maintains our website, we have come to know Hosted Power. A great recommendation, because in the meantime all our websites are hosted at Jo and his team!


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