Remote Desktop Hosting


Virtual Remote Desktop Hosting

Virtual Remote Desktop Hosting provides you an ultra reliable infrastructure in the cloud at a fixed price per user. Investing in often unreliable hardware belongs to the past! Hosted Power has a highly reliable cloud, including automatic backups for up to 60 days back! Our services allow multiple users to connect concurrently to the cloud from any device and experience the program as if it was running locally on their device.

Software licenses for Microsoft Windows, Remote Desktop Services CAL, Office etc is not something you should take care of, everything is included in the service at very competitive price!

Do you need a secure connection to existing branches or offices? We can establish a secure IPSec VPN connection that connects your offices seamlessly with the cloud.

Many companies and SMEs such as doctors' offices, accounting offices, administrative services, logistics services etc are using our services with great success!

IT Partners and resellers

This service is perfectly suited for IT Partners and resellers! Many IT partners are using it to their advantage already: It allows them to keep their customer's services running “as-is” online in the cloud. It provides them with a reliable worry free environment while receiving a steady and recurring income.

Service Highlights Include:

  • Convert unreliable and expensive hardware to a worry free cloud hosting, full backup included
  • Support for multiple concurrent users, software licenses included.
  • Connect with any device using remote desktop client (Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS), Microsoft supplied apps, or HTML5 compatible browser.
  • Ultrafast connectivity to hosted back ends.
  • Get started fast – just copy/paste your applications to the cloud. Local printing supported as well.
  • Everything is extensively monitored 24/7