Hosting for Agencies

Many of Hosted Power's customers are webagencies, agencies that build websites and web shops for their customers. They specifically choose Hosted Power because they know we are specialized in managed hosting of web shops and web hosting. That way, they can offer their clients the best possible solution.

Flexible custom hosting solutions

Hosted Power offers web agencies custom hosting solutions. Web agencies can rent a server from us and set it up just the way they want it, so they can host multiple sites on it. When the server gets too small, we set up a new one. And when the capacity needs to be reduced for any reason, we can do that too. So with Hosted Power, web agencies always find a solution that's perfectly tuned to their needs and flexibly adapts to their changing demands.

Suppose a client wants to expand his web shops, then we will run them on a separate server. That way everything remains extremely performant and web agencies can offer their clients the certainty that they have their own environment.

The best hosting for your customers

As a webagency you only pay for what you really need. And if your business grows because you have more clients, your hosting capacity grows with it. You buy server space from us knowing that everything is continuously optimized and monitored.

Hosted Power also strives for transparency and does not do shared hosting where you share a server with other clients of ours. As a web agency, you purchase a full server from Hosted Power. This way you are sure that you always have enough hosting capacity and you also know that this capacity only goes to your own clients. You can also divide the capacity as you see fit. With Hosted Power you know what's on your server at all times. And it will never happen that another client on the same server temporarily demands more resources and this at the expense of the websites you manage on that server.

In this way, you can offer your clients the perfect hosting solution:

  • tailored to their needs
  • flexibly adaptable
  • extremely secure
  • super performing and super fast

Hosted Power: the hosting partner for web agencies

At Hosted Power we know from experience that it is important for web agencies to find a partner in us. That's why it is our ambition to support them in their daily tasks. Our technicians answer support questions quickly. And we offer partner or reseller programs that allow web agencies to give their customers the same support and guarantees that we offer them. That seems only natural to us in a partnership.

With Hosted Power, both web agencies and their customers benefit from the best and most affordable custom managed hosting solutions, which you also offer in your own name. With our fully managed cloud solutions we can take away all worries. Finally, our solid and clear Service Level Agreement is the best guarantee of the top performance you rightly expect from Hosted Power.