Having a good website or application is no longer enough to convince clients or prospects. Those who do not have the fastest, clearest and best-performing website or application lose visitors and also experience the financial consequences quickly. Time is money, both with regard to loading time and uptime!

As a hosting partner, we first dive deep into the set-up of your site or application. We tinker with the infrastructure until we can guarantee you load times of less than one second and maximum uptime. With Hosted Power you start from pole position, you maintain speed, and together we will reach the full potential of your website or app as a team.


Start from pole position

Minimum load times

We are experts, techies; call us nerds by any means. We are happy to apply our knowledge, and thanks to our technical expertise, we can set up the most optimal environment for your websites and applications.

We first dive into the technical side of things and start with a thorough inspection of the basic components of your website or application. We then tinker with the setup and refine your infrastructure until you and your clients enjoy a lightning fast website or application that also runs on highly reliable servers.

Maintain speed

Our uptime guarantee

Thanks to our technical analysis and the fine-tuning of your infrastructure, your online channels will barely be down. Hosted Power ensures that you stay online continuously with an absolute minimum amount of down time.

The Hosted Power Uptime Guarantee: Hosted Power guarantees minimum loading times and maximum uptime. We aim for 100% uptime. If your site is down for more than 0.1%/month due to us, you will receive an integral refund of your monthly hosting fee.

Technical top performances

Proactive monitoring

As fully-qualified mechanics, we also use the necessary monitoring tools while performing a check-up on your website so that we can follow each movement after launch. We monitor your websites and applications via our dashboards and continuously make adjustments without you or your visitor having to notice.

Thanks to this proactive approach, we can continue to meet our guarantees and your websites virtually never need to undergo maintenance. Should an incident come up, you can count on our technical support 24/7.