Vacancy Devops Automation Engineer

Job description Devops Automation Engineer

Your job is all about the Management of systems, maintenance and customer support! A team of system administrators is ready to provide professional service, both via e-mail and by telephone.

Once a member of the system engineer team, you as an employee are the point of contact for customers with a Cloud Solutions environment (Cloud infrastructure, VPS, CMS solution, etc.). By noting their inquiry and asking questions you collect as much information as possible from the client. Based on this additional information you offer fast and customer-oriented solutions for the various problems. You will ensure that the customer remains satisfied by assuring him/her of excellent communication and follow-ups. Through the follow-up you ensure optimal functioning of the operational infrastructure.

What are your competencies?

  • You have relevant experience with Ansible & automation
  • You have relevant experience with programming and/or scripting (php, Python, bash, ...)
  • You have knowledge of Docker, Kubernetes and/or other container technologies.
  • You go to extremes to get the maximum performance from a system. Tweaking and fine-tuning for hours is your second nature!
  • Experience/specialization in AWS, Azure of GCP (or prepared to certify)
  • In-depth debugging, offering new techniques and optimizations is your passion.
  • You have excellent knowledge of Linux (OS, Nginx, Apache, MySQL, Varnish, Redis, etc.) and possibly knowledge of Windows (OS, ISS, MSSQL, Active Directory, etc.)
  • You are familiar with firewalls (Pfsense, Fortinet, Juniper, iptables, etc.). Networking and security is familiar to you.
  • You are obsessed with the latest tools and you are ready to test them. You are always aware of the developments in the Open Source community.
  • Our infrastructure mainly consists of Linux. You are familiar with this operating system and wish to specialize in it as well.
  • Knowledge of automation (Saltstack, Ansible, Chef, Puppet, etc.) and scripting (Perl, PHP, Bash) tools is definitely a plus.
  • You have basic knowledge of virtualization (OpenStack, HyperV, Xen, etc.)

What are your tasks?

  • Continuously work on expanding knowledge. It is also important that you keep product knowledge up to date
  • Learning complex issues and implementing the knowledge appropriately
  • Guaranteeing the quality of documentation
  • Customer friendliness and helping the customer adequately with his/her problems or questions
  • Thinking along with the customer actively to get to possible solutions
  • " Follow-up for the operational infrastructure (maintenance, backup, monitoring, patching, etc.)


  • Someone who can work individually as well as in a team. Moreover, you know how to escalate in time.
  • You cannot only think of the solution but also how to get to it.
  • Someone who shows a lot of commitment and who is resilient.
  • You can deal with stress when searching for analytical problems. Moreover, you also perform well under pressure.
  • You are flexible: during your working hours you are always ready to help various people with their problems.
  • You have knowledge about the latest gadgets and you have a passion for technology.
  • You have a critical and analytical attitude and you work accurately and you are result-oriented
  • You are eager to learn: you are always ready to learn new things.
  • You have a bachelor's or master's degree in ICT (or equivalent through experience). .
  • You have excellent communication skills
  • A good knowledge of Dutch is required.

What do we offer you?

  • An exciting and challenging job in a young and dynamic company in Melle (Ghent)
  • You as an employee get the chance to have provide your own input in the company in order to grow together.
  • Regular employee update accompanied by a social gathering afterwards
  • Smooth internal communication
  • An environment where you can build your knowledge every day
  • "A fast evolving and challenging job with a lot of variety and responsibility: a new challenge awaits you every day.


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