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Most Magento developers are aware that it is not always easy to perform a Magento installation at lightning speed. It is a great system, but also so extensive that it usually demands a lot capacity from its underlying server(s). To run Magento really efficiently, you need to have a powerful hosting infrastructure and a partner who understands the underlying requirements .

Hosted Power specializes in Magento optimization, making your Magento function like a rocket! We've been able to help a lot of clients who have had a slow (to very slow) Magento for years: After testing our services, they often never seen their websites run so fast. Certainly for a webshop, performance is absolutely crucial!

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About Magento

The Magento eCommerce platform offers scalability, flexibility and everything you need to make your business thrive! Magento offers a rich eCommerce platform offerings online traders complete flexibility and control over the presentation, content and functionality of their online portals and stores.

Magento in a nutshell

Increase Control

Control every part of your store, from merchandise to promotions and more.

Increase Income

Magento's commercial open source business model ensures a superior product at an unmatched price.

Increase Growth

Magento's versatile functionality and flexibility ensure income growth.